Extraeuropean excursions

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Himalaya, Andes, the chain of Karakorum, morocco for alpine skiing, Pamir, and the great African mountains with their cultures and religions so different from ours: all these can be your destination. Our experience, grown in numerous successful expeditions, can be helpful not only technically, but also for the organization and from a logistic point of view. Groups will be accurately selected unless they have already teamed up on their own.
Destinations in 2008:
2 peaks on the Andes, Artensonraju (6025 meters) and Huascaran Sur (6768 meters) in Peru in August, 22 days, from Rome and back (even only trekking);
Base camp on the Everest in October, 23 days, from Rome and back. It is also possible to climb the Lobuche Peak (6011 meters).
Besides, climbing in Greece, Croatia, alpine skiing in Norway.