About us

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Welcome to our mountains and to our SANTO SPIRITO Bed & Breakfast
The Italian School of Alpinism, Alpine Skiing, and Climbing, called Montabruzzo, is run by Giampiero Di Federico (guidagiampiero@yahoo.it) – (0039) 340 6650939
Alpine guide since 1979 and teacher of national courses for alpine guide since 15 years, at the moment teaching Mountain Sport at the Motion Sciences Faculty in the University of L’Aquila.
Between the late 70s and the early 80s he carries out the most difficult ways on the Alps, such as The Central Pillar of Freney in one day, and the “Americana al Dru” in five hours on Mount Blanc, the Gervasutti Pillar on Mount Blanc du Tacul, the North Peak of Lavaredo, and free-climbing the “Diedro Oggioni” at Brenta Alta. In 1980 he repeats in dramatic conditions the famous Philipp Flamm way on the Civetta Mount (fiction episode of “Eroi per caso”, -Heroes by chance- on TV, Italia 1).
Between 1976 and 1986 he traces new ways on the Gran Sasso, introducing the 7th and the 8th grade on that rock. Some of his deeds have never been repeated for 30 years today.
Absolutely alone, in winter, and completely free he climbs the chaining of the Four Pillars at the Paretone (2000 m climbing) on the Gran Sasso, and the 3rd Pillar too.
In perfect alpine style he climbs the unclimbed Sia Shish, 7100 m, on the Himalaya. Same thing for the Gasherbrum Uno (Hidden Peak), alone and with no rope, he opens a new way. The press has named him “the quickest climber of the 8000 of the history” and “the first Italian to climb an 8000 in a day”.
Environmentalist forever (active WWF and Legambiente- ornithologist association- member), he has proved his commitment in defending the Abruzzi mountains from degradation, and participating to international operations, like the FREE K2, and the blockage of the cable railway of the glacier on Mount Blanc with Rheinold Messner.
Lately he has led some expeditions, like on the Toubkal Mount (Morocco), on the Rwenzori (Uganda), on the Alpamayo (Peru) on the hardest way, the French Direct.

Our proficient Alpine and mountain guides, will lead you in these daring adventurous deeds. They are reliable people, endowed with common sense and wholesome principles: they are both friends and teacher you can rely on.

Our over 30 year experience and activity on the mountains in the world made our method grow so the give the highest satisfaction to people practising it and the greatest level of security during the activities. Small group will guarantee a good learning degree of the taught techniques, will avoid confusion, and will allow to have an excellent security standard. Programmes are cured in every detail, differentiated and flexible according to the abilities and the needs of the participants.
We strongly recommend that participants should team up by themselves in small groups where friendship make the learning process easier. The taught techniques are those nationally uniformed to the Italian School of Alpinism, Alpine Skiing and Climbing. We have to add, though, that in this activity we have developed absolutely original methods we have derived from our alpine personal experience, both didactic and professional.